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Depression and Eye Problems..What I have Discovered.

Does anyone who suffers from depression notice any problems with their eyesight since the onset of the depression? I came down with depression about two and a half year ago after going through some rough times including the break-up of a long term relationship. I didn't realize that I had depression at first. I knew I didn't feel right so I went to a few doctors thinking it was something physical and after they ran various tests they said they weren't able to find anything wrong with me and it was probably caused by stress. I eventually realized it was depression after I basically "self-diagnosed" myself after reading books and online articles and matching up the various symptoms. One thing I noticed though at the same time that I came down with the depression is that I started to have vision problems. I have whats knows an floaters and I did have them before the depression but afterwards the number of floaters had increased and I also noticed what appeared to be a fog over my vision. Its kind of hard to describe. Its not blurry vision but more like as if you were looking at the world through smoke or haze and at nights I can notice halos around lights. I really thought that either the problems with my eyes were either just a coincidence from just poor vision because I do wear glasses for distance so I figured either it was that or possibly that the doctors had missed something when I was undergoing all the tests.

Now, the other day I was doing a search online just about depression and its various symptoms and I came across a website that was of great interest to me. I am not sure if I am allowed to specifically mention the website here or provide a link so to be on the safe side I wont do it but it talks about the link between depression and eye floaters. This was the first time I had ever seen any mention of this. It did say that there was no medical evidence to support a link between the two but just that it seems that alot of people who suffer from depression also seem to suffer from floaters. I guess they are trying to say that even though theres no clear cut medical link, that when theres that many people in the same boat, then it must mean something.

It goes on to talk about how since it IS a medically proven fact that Depression does cause chemical changes in the brain, such as a reduction of certain types of neurochemicals that the reduction in these chemicals is what can cause the physical problems that people suffering from depression speak of. Although its not medically proven,if you think about it it does make sense. Just think about how if your fluid levels in your car were at low levels how it would most certainly affect your cars performance, so I guess it could be the same with human beings? Right?

I was just curious if anyone else has heard of anytpe of link like this or if anyone who suffers from depression has these types of eye problems and I am also curious to know how reversable the damage might be. In other words, when the depression is cured..will other things improve as well?

Please share any thoughts or ideas..


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