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Question New hearing scheduled

I got certified mail today from Social Security. Was hoping it was good news but it was just notice of a hearing scheduled. Last Jan I had a hearing and after hearing from me what I could and couldn't do, the Judge stated if I had medical to back it up then he would have to approve me. So he held it open and asked me to get more info from my drs. Well since then I have seen a couple new drs. First was a pain specialist who couldn't find any reason on MRI, xray, etc to explain my difficulties but stated it "might" be myofascial pain. So I asked him to send me to someone who could determine if tat was it. Saw a rheumy and he dxed me w/fibromyalgia, which does explain all my difficulties. Also saw a psych who determined me to have significant depression, rated me at 50 out of 100 scale but said I could manage my own money. And also saw a med dr for work eval and they said I could do stuff with no restrictions, even when they had my med records showing I had physical restrictions and restrictions to meds. I have been doing everything w/o atty till now.

SO when I read the notice I told hubby I want to get my file and copy it. Then start visiting local attys, starting with one recommended to me by another lady w/ fibro that I met while on the city bus one day. At this point I am willing to give up the 25% if it will get me paid but I was told on here I could write a letter about how my hubby & I have done everything till now and maybe the atty would get less. At this point, I just want to be approved and get things moving.

So, am I right in thinking it would be better for me to get an atty now? And can I have people who know me write letters about what I can & can't do? If a letter would work, and hubby no have to be available for the hearing that would be great. He works nights and my hearing is in mid-week so it would be a big hardship for him to attend, especially since that is our only real income right now. I do a very small amount of work as a merchandiser but it's only like $200-$300 month. I do have another hearing with my rheumy in a couple of weeks.

Any advice on what I should do now is greatly appreciated.

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