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Re: Christmas In the Hospital


your story sounds almost exactly like mine.. my mom was diagnosed with nsclc. They were not able to operated though as her tumor was wrapped around the artery's in her chest and the cancer went to the lymph note. Not to make you depressed but my mom was diagnosed October 12 and she only made it to Dec 19 a day after her bday.. Right now we blame it on her treatments. She was in chemo once a week and radiation 5 times a week, it really put a toll on her.. As now we think back was it the right decision. Would she have been here longer without the treatments, something that we will never know.. but in our hearts we think she would have, but then we think how long would she have suffered. That was something we didnt want her to go through, since she went through enough through her treatments.. So it's really your husbands decision. As it was my mom's that she wanted to go through it, thinking she would be here longer with us.. but in the end she wasnt... my prayers go out to your you, your husband and his family... it's in gods hands.. i know it's hard but be strong...