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Re: Depression and Eye Problems..What I have Discovered.

First off, depression does not cause floaters but rather, floaters can cause depression as in you are depressed over them(makes sense, they are very irritating to have and apparentely they have no cure).

The majority of people in the world either have floaters or will get them in the future. They are very normal and prevalent in the population.

They scare people into thinking depression is medical enough to cause all sorts of things like physical pain, bone loss, vision problems, etc. But the reality is that pain can be caused by lifestyle, and if a depressed person is not following healthy lifestyle(which most times they are not) like eating well, exercising well, etc. then pain and stiffness can be the result of a weak, unexercised body. Bone loss occurs naturally when diet is bad and from lack of weight bearing exercise....again, this is lifestyle although aging itself will bring alot of this on too. Most vision problems are not related to depression but rather eye irregularites.

However, the antidepressants themselves have already been clinically proven to have such side effects as bone loss (recent Canada study confirms past studies on bone density loss and antidepressant use) and also many antidepressants have the listed side effect of increased eye pressure, which can cause some vision problems.

Increased eye pressure can cause glaucoma and one of the symptoms of it is halos around lights at night. I'm not saying you have glaucoma, but just check it out with a simple test to see. If you don't take an antidepressant now, sounds like one would only complicate your problems.

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