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Re: New hearing scheduled

Originally Posted by Ailsa125 View Post
Having a witness go with you doesn't also make a difference. I had witnesses go with me and the judge did not call on them to say anything. It may have been because I had a great lawyer who presented my case with convection and concern. There was a man there stating that I could work this or that job, which I and my lawyer and my witnesses knew that I couldn't. The judge asked me two questions and as I was in the middle of answering the second he stopped me and told me that he awarded me my disability. I was so shocked that at first I thought it wasn't so! But my lawyer placed her hand on my knee and smiled and then I knew that my long fight was over. As I mentioned in my first reply to this thread, I posted about my long journey for my disability on the thread regarding disability. And I was more than happy to give my lawyer her 25% that she so deserved.

Due to my "disability" (migraines) my attorney advised me it was best to have "witnesses" especially my ex-coworkers.

My hearing lasted 2 1/2 hours because the judge was reading my 5 inch medical file & asking me a lot of questions.
The judge asked my atty only one question during the whole 2 1/2 hours.
The VE "talked to the judge a lot".
And the judge spoke to each & every one of my "witnesses" who showed up.

So, I guess it depends on the judge, your disability & probably the hearing procedures of the state.