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Re: Christmas In the Hospital

Oh I feel your pain and so sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis. It is not easy, I won't lie, but on the otherhand, hopefully he can gain some quality time with you and the kids during treatment. As many of us have mentioned on this posting board, each person is so different as to his reaction to treatment. Amazingly, my husband has actually responded quite well and has outlived what any doctor thought! (granted we know things are looking gloomy, but he has been here 20months and they told him with treatment anywhere from 8-16 months!) He has a different type of cancer than your husband and there are so many just don't know. At first we were in shock since my husband was never a smoker and then we jumped into survival mode researching anything and everything. We also keep close to our faith, which I think has been a huge help for our entire family! You hang in there and hope you can enjoy some time with your husband on good days!