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Re: Do You think Nutrition & Exersize Helps?

Originally Posted by Breatheherenow View Post
Absolutely nutrition and exercise helps. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 non small cell adenocarcinoma the day before Christmas, she was expected to live 4 weeks if she made it through the weekend. It metastasized to her brain, lymph nodes and her femur bone. We got her on a high fiber diet, and after hip replacement surgery she is now able to walk. The dr said exercise is very very important to keep your muscles strong, of course don't over do it. especially if you have cancer in the bones. She is doing better than anyone expected, and I attribute that to salmon once a week(for omega 3's) lots of broccoli and carrots and fruits. now her life expectancy is over a year. and possibly longer if we keep up the good work.
Thanks Breathherenow!
Great to hear more positive words. I start Chemo on the 15th, so am trying to do everything I can to up my chances. Despite the negativity of doctors on the subject of nutrition, I'm going to continue eating well and walking as often as I can, and taking my vitamins. How can that NOT help?
My best wishes to you mother! May she continue to do great!