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Originally Posted by KH2129rulz View Post
Thanks Lorrie. I know asthma is nothing to laugh at, but right now if that is what's wrong with me, then I welcome it. I mean, the asthma would be easier to control than LC would be to fight. Either way, I'm getting prepared for the worst case scenario. I'm changing my eating habits right away and I'm looking into various supplements. My grandmother has emphysema. Is that hereditery? It's funnny you speak of being from one certain part of the country as having a higher risk for LC. My Dr. told me Tues. when she found the nodules on the x-ray that since a grew up and have lived in the midwest all my life, that it's possible that I have "Farmer's Lung". I'd never heard of it. Still no way of knowing anything until my CT results are back. Supposedly today or tomorrow. A part of me really wants and needs to know the results and another part of me doesn't want to know. I realize I hHAVe to know so I can go forward, one way or the other. Thanks again for the soothing words of encouragement. My thoughts and prayers are also with your husband and family. Ray

Hi. Some forms of emphysema can be hereditery. Farmer's Lung and Histoplasmosis, both infections caused by fungus, are very common in the Midwest AND they can cause shortness of breath. Household mold is very common too, and you can develop allergies to it that can cause asthma-like breathing attacks when you're exposed to too much of it. Many fungal infections can be picked up in childhood and lay dormant until later in life... if you played in hay mows or in chicken coops, around pigeon coops, or visited bat caves, or feed birds and clean up their droppings, you can get fungal infections of the lungs. If your lungs are healthy you will usually fight off the infection and never know you had it, other than thinking you had a bout of flu... but each infection can leave a scar... a nodule... in your lungs. I live in Iowa, my radiologist said nearly everyone here has had at least one fungal infection that left a lung scar.

Good luck to you..............Tiz.

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