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Re: New here - Mom just diagnosed

First I am so sorry that your mom has to go through this as well as you do also.Yes you are your Moms advocate and you deserve answers.You also said she has had follow ups. I do know that when my husband has a follow up it is every three months. PET scan three months later CT scan and three months after that a chest X ray all of these follow ups include labs.Then the cycle starts all over again.We had a problem in Jan when his PET scan showed something and the lab that did the PET scan said he should have a cT scan to see what it was.Our ONC didn't think it was needed because all of his bloodwork showed no cancer but I fought for a CT scan and we got it and the ONC was right everything was clean but what happenes if it wasn't that was my nagging question. So ask the doctors what did they do for your Moms follow ups. You say you Mom cannot take anymore Chemo so ask the ONC what else can they do and don't take nothing as an answer. They have other types of Chemo your mom might be able to take and they also have other drugs that work on Lung cancer.
Prayers to you both