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Re: any care givers that need suport

Don't feel guilty about feeling the way you do. It is hard to pick up and move across country and be away from your family and friends.Then to get hit with your husband's lung cancer and have your support system so far away is alot of stress. I do not think any others would feel different then you do.

I remember when I was 12 and my dad moved us from Illinois to California so he could start his own business. We left my grandparents, My oldest sister who was in college and many friends behind. It was very stressful for my poor mom and she was quite unhappy and would talk about wanting to go back to Illinois. Starting a business and not having a support system in place is hard too. It took my mom a long time to adjust but she did and she developed a whole new support system and her life was so enriched by it.

I know I am thankful that I have worked with many of the same people for the past 25 years as they were my rocks through my mom's illness and death and I can not imagine not having had that support system so I feel sad hearing about your situation. Being I live in California and a very expensive city I hear you about not being able to come back once you leave.The housing market has gotten crazy that is for sure.

When you feel alone know you have all of us willing to listen and lend you a shoulder or keyboard to cry on. I am thrilled to hear your husband is still NED. As I have said before I have met people that had lung cancer 20, 30 yrs ago that had surgery and have done fine with no return of the cancer so here is praying your husband is one of those people! Hang in there. JanMarie