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Re: A lady with lung cancer

Bravo to you Janmarie!! Losing three members of my family to cancer and to see the tiptoeing around Drs that goes on makes me crazy. The patient should always be told the truth and give them the options good and bad ,but let THEM make the decisions about their treatment or non treatment! I saw my 46 yr old sister miss a trip to Disneyworld she wanted to take with her 2 small girls , because her Dr would not tell her she was terminal! She had chemo and in her weaken condition went into a coma 7 days before her trip. She had the chemo for her children , but she could have spent quality time with them , instead they just remember her suffering. My biggest regret in life is not going against her husband wishes and telling her myself. So again I say Bravo to you JanMarie for giving this lady the info she needed to make her own informed decision