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Re: New here - Mom just diagnosed

JM, I am not really sure on how to answer you about how fast the cancer can grow. When my mom was diagnosed NSCLC Stage IV I was talking to a few doctors at work ( most of them pulmonary doctors) and they said that adenocarcinoma is slow growing and she probably had it for the past 10-12 years.

That being said My mom did have a CT done 4 years before learning she had lung cancer as she had been getting short of breath and all pulmonary and cardiac tests came back negative so a CT was done to make sure she did not have a pulmonary embolism. That CT was clear there was not a sign of anything wrong ( and it was even reviewed after she learned she had cancer and there is not a sign of the cancer on it) four years later she has a CT and learns there is a 7 CM tumor in her right middle lobe of her lungs and already mets to the liver. Makes me believe two things cancer may not be as slow growing as they think it is and that there must be alot of changes at the cellular level happening that we can not as of yet pick up on before the actual tumor develops as that could explain my mom's unexplained shortness of breath. My mom's oncologist on the other hand did not find it strange that she could go from a clean CT to what she did in 4 yrs time. Very different view then the pulmonary docs I work with.

My mom decided to fight the cancer and did not regret her choice as it gave her two more holiday seansons, family birthdays, birth of a great grandchild, graduation of a much love grandson and many other happy moments. She died in November 2006 and I am so proud to know that she did fight the cancer so she would have more time with us which she did get. It is all such a personal choice as to if you want the pallitive treatment in light of being told we can not offer you a cure. I will add your mom to my prayers as I really believe they can help. JanMarie

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