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Re: any care givers that need suport

So sorry you feel so alone. I know how tough it is to live far away from family. My kids are still young so they still live with us, but ALL of my family lives in Vegas! I am here in California so I rely on phone calls, e-mails and more phone calls and more e-mails! (not to mention my friends on the posting board!) I moved honestly about 16 times while growing up and HATED it so we have stayed put here in Irvine since we married. I came to LA to go to college and met my husband and he had no other family other than his brother, mom and dad(everyone else out of the country) at the time so we decided to stay in So. Calif and he agreed we would always go see my family...but the last time we went as a family to Vegas was in April 05 (2 months before my husband was diagnosed with cancer) I did go last Jan and Feb since my dad was dying of cancer and actually tomorrow, Feb. 7th marks the one year anniversay of when I said my final goodbyes to my dad even though he did not die until Feb. 18th I could not be there with him since Stan needed me at home since he has cancer. (boy I was so torn, but knew mom was there for dad and I needed to be here for Stan)
So you ask does anyone else feel lonely, yes, but I remember that Stan is my family and I know I have a great group of friends in all different states, but keep in touch. I wish I could ease yyour pain, but boy I love to hear that your husband is NED! Can you travel to see your family in Cal? Oh, I hope you can get away and spend some time with your kids and family! You take care of yourself and hopefully you can visit them soon and figure out a way to be a little bit happier.