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Re: New here - Mom just diagnosed

My husband was sent for an x ray when he spit up a tiny amout of blood.After the xray he was called in by the tech and said they were going to do a ct scan because they saw a large mass in his right lung. They did the Ct scan right away and it also confirmed a 10 cm mass.What a shock for a non smoker.He was diag with non small cell Squamious LC and we were told it must have been growing for several years. He did have an X ray 5 years prior in Ca where we use to live so we called our old GP and he reviewed it again and said it showed nothing he then sent it to our pulmonay doc and he also said he saw nothing. It was hard to diag my husband since he has had asthma all of his life and was always treated for that. I believe if he did not have asthma he would have been diag sooner.We were lucky though since the tumor was all encased and there was no lymph nodes involved. I really cannot blame any of my husbands doctors since they all were treating his asthma and was not a smoker.