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Re: So here's my story

Hi goyanksjg, K have been experiencing more or less the same thing. I am also a non cancer aged 35. I have had chest pain on my left hand side and also in my upper back for over 4 months. I've had 2 x-rays which have both been normal. My doctor doesnt seem to be that worried about it but it is all I can think about. I have to go the hospital next month for some exploratory tests. I'm not sure what it is called but they will put a camera down my throat . what kind of pain do you experience. For me its not excrutiating pain, but feels like i've pulled a muscle. But it is there all the time and does not go away. My back can get pretty sore so I have to take strong painkillers.
For your situation, if it was me. I would do whatever is needed to definately rule out lung cancer. So if they can do more tests I would do them.

I think for me I am going to ask for a CAT scan just to check.

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