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Re: rectal pain and urge to go

yes,I have to go back in March.My symptoms havent got any worse,nor any better.I have realised that a couple of days after drinking alcohol it seems to flare up quite bad,then subsides.I have noticed a really funny thing though and this seems really strange.The pains come on whenever I sit on my computer chair at home,it seems as if its some sort of spasming in my rectum,slightly reaching up into my bowel.The whole thing is very frustrating as Ive never ever had any bowel problems before.Sometimes I ll go to the toilet when I get up in the morning and everything looks normal,then other days I may go at 11am and feel like I really want to go but Im a bit constipated.On those days,even when I feel like Ive emptied my bowel the feeling of wanting to go again comes back and it can last the rest of the day.To be honest,I ve got used to the pains but I really find it hard to handle the feeling of wanting to go.