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Question what does the ct results mean? cancer?

I had an auto accident 1/10/07 (hit a tre at 70+ mph), I was unconcious and the hospital took alot of tests. I had no broken bones and only a concussion.
My doctor got the results 2/7/07 and told me he can not treat me for the accident until I find out what the results mean.
I had a ct w/ contrast on 1/10/07 of my lungs (ribs were not broken or fractured) and it says there are multiple irregular densities on the right upper lobe , posssibly representing foci of pneumonia or pulmonary contusions. The is a 1/2 inch oval nodular density in the upper right lobe, which may represent a pulmonary contusion, focus of pneumonia or a true mass lesion.
IMPRESSION: right upper lung field densities may represent pulmonary contusions, foci of pneumonia or and overlying lung nodule. Reevaluation and follow up is advised.
We recommend that locm to be used in this patient instead of ionic contrast material.

I used to airbrush cars(etc) and never wore a mask. I refinished my floors sanded them and stained them a year ago w/o using a mask, I have been exposed to 2nd hand smoke my whole life and started smoking a year ago..I had a larg basal cell tumor removed from my throat in 2003. Both my grandparents died from cancer ( one had lung cancer and one had colon cancer). my father was told last year that he has masses in his lungs but wont get it checked out. I am only 22, since 1/10/07 until now I have gone from 143 lbs to 129lbs, my chest still hurts increasingly and feels like its not "healing" from the crash. I get sick when I eat, had a low grade fever for no reason for the past 3 mons....What are the chances that I have lung cancer? what do the ct scan results mean?I am a bit scared....

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