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Re: what does the ct results mean? cancer?

It is hard to say what your CT results mean except that there is something there in your lungs that needs to be check out further and if I was you I would not wait. It could just be a contusion which is sort of like a bruise in your lungs from the accident, but on other hand you have exposed your lungs to alot of bad things for such a young person.

If it turns out to be cancer your accident may have been a blessing in disguise as it may have found it at a very early stage when it is still curable. Most the people I have met over the years that have survived lung cancer for 10, 20 30 years had it caught early usually do to an Xray or CT being done for some other reason.Then they had sugery and some had chemo and or radiation and some had neither but because it was caught early they survived and went on to live normal lives.

As to your age well the sad new is someone as young as you can have lung cancer. There is a female olympic skater that was I think 20 when she learned she had lung cancer. It is now 9-10 yrs later and she is alive and skating and has been doing so for a number of years. So even though it is frightening make sure you get it checked out as maybe it will be gone and maybe it is still there.. Not waiting could be the difference of life or death and at 22 you have alot of living to do. I will send lots of prayers your way that this is nothing more then a pulmonary contusion. JanMarie

Let this be a wake up call that you really do need to start wearing masks when you are working with chemicals that have fumes that can damage your lungs as not only do you have cancer to worry about but pulmonary fibrosis which is deadly and very crippling to someone with it when it is in the later stages.