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Re: rectal pain and urge to go

Originally Posted by bullettoothtony View Post
can anybody help me please.For 10 months now I have suffered from rectal pains or a feeling of wanting to empty my bowels(one or the other,never both at the same time.It all started with the feeling of wanting to go(tenesmus)then these annoying pains which are just when I sit down at certain times.My actual bowel movements have become very erratic and I seem to be constipated alot.Some mornings I can get up and everything seems normal,then later in the day the symptoms start again.Ive seen a doctor who performed a sigmoidoscopy which he said was normal.I have no blood in the stool,neither do I feel ill or have any bowel pain.The doctor has told me its all stress related.Can anybody please help,its absolutely doing my head in.
hi i had the same problems for about 1 year got all sorts of tests done, after 2 years and a colonoscopy i was told i has a over-sensitive bowel. i also have to watch what i eat. cheese pastry and butter make me have really bad pains and the runs. i suggest you keep a note of everything you eat and see if you are worse or better after eating certain foods.