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Re: what does the ct results mean? cancer?

I called a pulmonary specialist like the hospital told me to. They gave me an appointnent for march 9th. They also told me to get another ct scan done before I go , so they can do a comparison and save time. They said they would be able to do a biopsy when I go to the specialist if it wasnt an actual contusion. the lady on the phone at the specialists office told me it is highly unlikely that the results were from the impact of my accident especially since no ribs or bone were fractured/broken.
It weird because the guy I used to dat a year ago had cancer, I knew it. He refused to get it checked out. I believe it was of the colon. I prayed for the cancer to go away and if someone had to have it give it to me and take it away from him, everynight since I knew about it. His cancer is gone and he is doing chemo.