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Re: cord compression

Honey, if its compressed and you are in that much pain and have weakness in your legs you might have to start accepting the future of another surgery. PT may help, injections may help.. I don't know what your reports say as far as if it looks moderate or severe.

Are you saying you have nausea or are having to "go" more frequently? You should tell your surgeon/doc about the needing to "go" problem if that is what you mean.

I know it stinks to think about having to have another surgery, and perhaps you'll be able to get a little more of a break and find some relief with pain management for a while, but try and consider this a blessing, in that this is all happening fairly close together for you, which in turn I would hope that this would mean that you will have more years to enjoy your life the way you might like to once everything is fixed.

I know that these kinds of things can become stressful on the people around you which makes the situation and reality of having to go through such a thing again a great ordeal, but remind them its temporary and it will pass and that the experience will make you all stronger in the long run.

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