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Re: Cold Intolerance & Epilepsy

I'll agree with Aussie. It has a LOT to do with meds. I have a hunch in my case it is the Topamax (one of my meds). Recent temps of -20's (AIR TEMP) and some pretty cold Wind Chills, we had 63 hours continual negative air temps up here. Not bad when you go out. Just remember to layer the clothing, cover exposed skin, and I was fine.

Keeping on the line of Topa, it keeps me from perspiring, so that is how the medication has an effect on the bodies temprate even in hot conditions. I noted I had to adjust my room temp up closer to 80 to feel ok. However I insist on wearing short sleeve shirts inside, even in the winter.

Outside when walking I'm fine in cold temps, as long as I have enough layers on, or if I keep active in these winters. I think part of it is what a person is adapted to for "normal". I don't think I could take months of 90+ temps being from the northern plains. A few weeks of it in the summer is enough for me, maybe a handfull of days that could hit 100.