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Re: Raynaud's Syndrome

Hey there. To answer your question Kathy, I'm not actually on medication for it. They just put me on baby aspirin to help with thickening my endometrial lining. I just thought maybe the baby aspirin would help with the circulation to the extremeties, because I heard improving circulation is how it helps thicken the endometrial lining.

Anna, this actually started back when I was in high school. I had asked my cross country coach about it because I was starting to notice it after coming in from a run in the cold, and he told me about Raynaud's and he had it too. Anyway, I never really saw a Dr. about it in particular, but I had a physical a few years ago when I was in college, and brought it up because it happened to be cold and my fingers were numb from coming in from outside and lost color, so I asked him about it, and that's when he told me what it was. I never actually mentioned it to my RE because it's not really something I think about. Like I said, it only bothers me when I'm out in the cold for a period of time. But I will definitly ask my RE about it at my appt in a few weeks and let you know what they tell me!

Thanks ladies!