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Re: So here's my story

My husband has small cell lung cancer and he had no pain. He had pain in his right side and they did a ct scan to figure it out and then found out he had cancer that had already spread to his liver, hence the pain. If you have had 2 ct scans already and it has been 6 months but nothing looks larger I would suggest you continue having the scans. My husband had a chest x ray in march which looked clean but by Nov. it all showed up. There is something called a PET scan which is ghastly expensive but it shows cellular changes which is something the ct scans dont show. Not being an MD I can't give out any medical advice other than to stay on them and perhaps demand a biopsy of the area. Good luck to you, I will be praying it will just be some flukey thing and that you will live many long and good years since you have avoided the demon tobacco. My husband smoked his whole life (still does). For him it is not surprising. Bless you, and keep positive thoughts as much as you can!!