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Re: cord compression

dont be so hard on yourself fusion,really,its all relative ya know?this is something that is seriously affecting YOU and YOUR daily life,and thats all that matters. everyones situation is different,but we all have been thru that part.what is affecting you is what is important,and its pretty normal to feel the way you are.anything that affects a persons life like a disc problem IS important to them,believe me.when i was dealing at the beginning of my saga with just mostly my herniated c 6-7,it was a big deal to me as this was seriously affecting me to the point where everything in my life was suffering,including my ability just to work c 7 nerve root was being compressed and it made for some really wonderful fun some days.

i am kind of suprised that your doc was not already aware that you cannot fax a schedule II narcotic script to a pharmacy?thats pretty common knowledge,sorry you have to suffer for that.he should no better,really.

it would appear that the pain you are feeling is most likely cord related.that gnawing crap really is nasty isn't it?has your doc tried one of the anti siezure meds for this like neurontin?adding this to the pain meds really can help with the more neuropathic aspcts of the pain.there are others too.neurontin has never really worked on me but i know of others who have had really fantastic results with it.

there are those tracts in your cord and one of them is called the spinothalamic tract?this one actually helps to control your ability to feel hot cold and pain and it also can effect your temp,your body temp?there could be about 100 different reasons just why you are actually running a fever,espescially if your stomach has also been bothering you as well(perhaps a viral thing maybe?)but the affectation of this tract is also possible given cord compression but i do believe it is more laterally located within the cord?this particular tract was severely damaged in myself and i have alot of fallout just from that one tract being significantly damaged.this is actually where my cavernoma sat in my cord.alot of tracts also pop up in other areas of the cord too for some odd reason.i would actually have to check and see what tracts are anterior in location as these would be the most likely to be affected in your case,since they would lie directly behind the spinal column.

hopefully you can have this easily fixed without too much major drama anyways.but this really does need some attention as far as what is really being compromised and how it can be alleviated.i wish you luck with your doc appt.are you seeing an actual surgeon yet or are you going to just be seeing your primary on monday?you really DO need to find out just what it is you are really dealing with and how imediate any surgical intervention may be don't wantto wait til something becomes seriously compromised in a situation like this.some surgerys can be held off til the pain really seriously becomes a major issue and some simply cannot because of compromise to important need to find out what catagory this falls into.that will dictate pretty much what your next steps should realistically be. hang in there fusion,it will hopefully get better soon.if you need to vent or have questions,by all means,pop back in.thats what we are hear for,to help each other thru the crappy times.K?good luck,Marcia