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Probs after using cervical home traction unit

Has anyone ever used one of these before ? I've been waiting for injections to get approved thru workers comp. and 5 months later still waiting. I figured I would give this a try although I didnt have much luck with it during previous physical therapies. My c5/c6 is herniated with indentaion, Dr. says doesnt look so bad on mri, but it feels bad to me. From between my shoulder blades to across my shoulder blades into the neck w/ some pain into left arm & hand. I will prolly wait & talk to the spine dr. in a week. I tried to use the traction unit & used it caefully for about 10 minutes. I was uncomfortable at the time , but no pain while lying in traction. It was the reaction I had about 30 mins. later where my neck/shoulders/arms were twitching . It was so bad I couldnt control it, I dont know if they were spasms or what, but my upper torsoe was so herky jerky my arms wouldnt stay still. I couldnt hold a cup of water without spilling it, and I couldnt control my hand grip pressure around the cup. This was an all day & night event. What a pain ! Feel better this morning . Anyone ever experience this before ? Curious to know, thx.

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