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Re: So here's my story

I can comment on the broncoscopy. The scope can only see and take samples from tumors that are actually in a larger airway. If the tumor is down in the smaller airways the scope can not reach it and doing a "washing " may not get the necessary sample either. I would assume since they did on on you that spot is reachable withe the scope? If they did get a good sample of the tissue from that spot they should be able to tell if it is cancer or not but do not forget no test is 100% foolproof as there are alot of variables in the procedure and how the sample was handled and tests run.

Sorry I don't know what to suggest as you are having scans and had the broncoscopy done. I don't know if they would be willing to do a PET scan or not and even if they did an area of infection could light up like caner. Hope you can find some answers soon as all the stress this seems to be causing you is not good.Hang in there. JanMarie