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Re: Help me. I'm sick of this. I want it all to be over.

Okay 9th grade equilavent to year 9? So you about 14-16 yrs old?

Anyway, back to your said that you "wanted your life to be the best you can be and that you wanted someone there to just keep me on track with all my goals."
That is exactly what I was hoping for when I was young..I was hoping for a guardian angel to come and give me a hint on how I should live my life. I'm now 30 years old, so having lived through high school years and encountered some ups and downs in my life those are the points I like to share with you:

Every men will get bald eventually. What I found out in my situation is that balding is a slow progress...and since u are still in 9th grade, you will still have Your hair when u get to college and to the workplace. I'm 30 and I still have my hair! I was worrying about itwhen I was at high school.
Now days, what's "in" is having a shaved hair like the guys from "Prisoner break"...not too shaved like them, but leave your hair feeling may look uncomfortable at first, but as your hair grow, it will look good and you don't need to gell it...I tried it, and I really loved that spikey hair-style. Spikey hair doesn't cause stress to your hair when strong wind blows at you reaveling your bald spots. Get a professional hair-styler to do your hair and not a cheapy hairdresser...the outcome is a huge difference. Believe it or not spikey hair/shaved hair people look very's better than some guys I've see who has a huge bald spot and leaving some hair growing in their sides which makes them look "older" than they really are....
The most important of all is DON"T worry too much on what others think of you. everyone is unique and there are others whose a lot worser than you. I was very skinny at high school,and when ever I have to attend a swimming class, I would dread at it because in the past, my class mates made fun of my body so from then, I hardly wore a t-shirt or go swimming again. Thinking back, I was too HARD on myself. Had I made the sacrifice and do soemthing with my body, I could have look great now.

Quote: "Life is not worth living when you don't enjoy it at all ."

That's not true...u can live the life you want to live but that requires hard work and SACRIFICES... You are still in 9th grade, and you are still Y-O-U-N-G.. Don't just look at the small picture somtimes when you want to be successful in life you have to look at the big picture. The people you are encountering right now will leave you after high school and they will have their own life's journey to walk on...most often you won't see them again, but you will get to meet new people in your life as you move on. New and interesting people, and you soon realise that this world is a huge place. If you don't believe me, go and take a trip to your prefer college somedays and walk around and watch different people walking past you... or perhaps go and visit a busy hospital or an airport. Give yourself a 3 year challenge to work on your study and your self-esteem level. Ask yourself what you want to get out from this challenge...for instance, you say that you are not happy with your current environment...if you made the sacrifice to focus on your studies, you can get in to your prefer course, and therefore make a good salary, and therefore able to afford to move out and buy your own house and live the life you want to life... Remember the word, SACRIFICE.

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