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Re: ??? about mri ???

You are correct, for the most part. The disk at the top of the axial image should not be in contact with the thecal sac -- the shield shaped white area that hosts the CSF and spinal cord at the cervical level. The foramina are actually the openings in the spine where the spinal nerves exit. The Laminae and the Spinous Processes are the bony structures at the posterior of the spine, with the Facet Joints appearing laterally on the posterior side of the Thecal Sac. The facet joints can experience overgrowth (hypertrophy), which can contribute to stenosis (narrowing of the foramina or the thecal sac). The ligament that runs adjacent to the spine can also become thickened, contributing to stenosis.

Only a NS can really tell you what it means, as what looks pretty dramatic to you or me can be termed "mild" by a NS or radiologist. If the MRI image shows contact with the cord, but the signal strength of the cord itself is undisturbed, then the situation is not as severe. Clearly, pressure on the spinal cord can cause a variety of symptoms. Check it out with your NS.