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Re: For those that had recent acdf surgery

PEG...Oh man, I am sorry you are going thru that. I learned the hard way, too. You will be good soon, and the spasms will subside from the overdoing...I bet. Do you have a moist heat heating pad? That has helped me ALOT!!!!. (when *I* overdo). I could not get by without it. sounds like we must have the same Dr. I have no collar (C5-C7) and those exact same instructions. When I went to my post op appt. (12 days...they told me I could drive. OY.). I did....went only a mile away to the grocery store. Forget it.....the spasms were bad. That head turning is too hard, that soon. They are so liberal , it is ridiculous. Do not listen to them when they tell you all the things that are fine to do. They are on drugs or something! The most I am doing is walking on my treadmill (I am 4 1/2 weeks out), 2 times a day. I WAS walking for half an hour, but it was too much at one time. Now I walk at about 3 mph, 15 mins...2x a day. I am doing better with that. I have gone out to dinner and stuff like that. This is the first week I feel good enough to do it and not pay for it BIGTIME, when I get home.