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Can't stop sleeping

I got diagnosed with CFS last December after 18months of tests to rule out other causes, I do suffer depression/anxiety as well and am taking 150mg Effexor daily.

I am still coming to terms with haveing CFS and what it means, and am waiting for a therapists apt and a pain management referral.

I can not stop sleeping though, I do take 3mg of Zopiclone to help me stay asleep as without I wake upa ll the time, but I can sleep for 15 hours a day which is starting to annoy me as I am seeing no life.

I am guessing this is a bad attack as other attacks have been bad but not this debilitating?

I have tried the healthy eating and fruit etc but to no avail, I find if I have housework to do or light gardening I am worn out for days afterwards.

I don't want this illness as does no one I kow that, I am getting really frustrated with the food allergies and IBS symptons and then when they clear for a few days the sleeping and pain comes, I am boomeranging from one to another at the minute.

Anyone got any advice, it is greatly appreciated

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