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Re: Not GERD but similar symptoms... anyone else experience this??

Originally Posted by Boogs66 View Post
Basically for the past year after I eat (not food specific that I can tell) some food comes back up. Mouthfulls of food really, that come up with a burping. It is not vomiting. There is no wretching. I do not experience pain. My regurgitation is not acidic and can even begin as fast as coming up while I am sitting eating a meal or wait as long as 2 hours to come back up. I have had a bunch of tests all inconclusive, testing anywhere from motility issues to gallbladder issues and nothing. I have been lumped into the grouping of having IBS and I have a hilitial herna, though that is too tiny to cause any of these problems Dr.s say. My Dr's think maybe cyclic vomiting disease or gasteroparesis but I am not a testbook case on either diagnosis. Any ideas??

I guess it could be gastroparesis, or any kind of refluxing issues. (I have mild gastroparesis, but have NO vomiting-type symptoms; just lots of burping/reflux.)

You said "motility issues" were tested, but does that include the ESOPHAGUS motility? Gastroparesis is a motility issue, but of the stomach.

Also, what if you have too TIGHT a lower esophageal sphincter? Seems some people here (few) have mentioned either having tight LES or talked about it generally. Theoretically your LES would stay shut and not allow things to pass. Thus, you could have heavy reflux (regurgitation) if it can't go anywhere.