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Hidden Benefits of ACDF Surgery

You can tell I have too much time on my hands, can't you? Anyway, here are some hidden benefits I've found to my surgery over the past 9 days. Chip in and add more!

1. Lose weight -- even though I am not getting exercise, my early days diet of soup, jello, etc. has been great for weight reduction. (The ice cream not so much, but . . . )

2. Quit smoking -- tried and tried to quit many times before. Put 'em down before the surgery and have not had serious cravings since. No patch, no pills, nada. Amazing what pain and no ability to drive can do.

3. Save $$$$ -- no gas for my car, no lunches out at work, no Starbucks on the way to work.

4. Home Organization -- now that I am reasonably lucid (reasonable minds can differ), I am able to get some stuff done that we never have time to get around to -- correspondence, taxes, etc.

5. Reduced laundry -- pretty much one uniform -- sweat suit and long sleeve t-shirt -- saves lots of time and labor.

I'm sure there are plenty more -- anxious to see what others can come up with.


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