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Re: Childs Language Development

I agree with sannah, this could be a good thing!

I work in a preshcool with children aged from 2 - 5 year old, we have techers from other cultures who speck english but is not as clear, the kids are lucky, our chineese teacher can teach them some chineese and the children are exposed to enoughf in english that they understand her and speck correctly..

Your caregiver is only 2 days per week theorfore the majority of the time your child is around english, he will be fine and you could most definanatley use this to your advantage and have the caregiver teach some words from her culture!

studys show that it is easier for children to learn a langugage when they are older if they have been exposed to it at a younger age too!

maybe you could get the caregiver to teach you some words, that way you will no what your son says if he comes out with things!

heres something funny, well i thought it was funny, There was a little chineese girl and work, and i thought id would say hello to her in chineese, she is a little girl who had limited english and so didnt talk much.. well here i am saying what i thought was hello, and she is laugfing! i thought this is good! hehe until i realised she was laugfing at me becasue i was telling her "goodbye"!