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Unhappy lost appetite from break-up, please help!

This is going to sound dramatic, so I apologize in advance, but about 2 weeks ago i broke up with my boyfriend of two years who was planning on moving to be with me, we were long distance for the last year.

At first I felt rather detached from it, didn't especially feels sad, mostly just angry at his sudden lack of effort, of care.
But then-bam- all the sudden last week it jumped up and bit me. I lost my ability to eat, sleep and relax or smile in general.
Now, I should alos mention that I am diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and some depression. This breakup certainly is aggravaating those condtions, and I'm sure leading to my loss of appetite, ect.
So, what is frustrating is, I am doing evertyhing I can to take care of myself, taking vitamis for stress, resting, exercising, making myself eat if I can stomach it, and talking to friends, but NOTHING is working to help my appetite.
Although I know I lost my appetite from stress, I can;t seem to get it back, even when I'm relaxed, everything naseates me, and I have to force myself to swallow, cause I feel so unappetized by ALL food.

And trust me, I am a BIG eater....

So, I've already lost a few pounds in one week, and I'm terribly worried by this, I', very thin, and my moods are heavily affectred when I don;t eat enugh.

How do I get my appetite back? And is this normal?
It;s embaressing.

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