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Hello,Scoobs told me she posted and I came to check it out. Hi all. Just stopped in to see what was up. You all know I was tested for everything and just have FMS and CFS. BUT, YOU MUST check it ALL out. I have always said list, every symptomeven sm, all your q's and don't leave till you get your q's answered all of them. I am sleeping great! I can't beleave it it's been so long. It's the meds I wrote about below the Kolonapin and Nuronton. I sleep throught the baby. Luckily hubby gets up. He is doing worse and was out of work for a short while. Now that's more work. Keep researching, researching, researching and write down every thing no matter how sm. Take all the tests you can and ask if you must for them. If you don't have a doc. that listens then get a new one. Be strong you must for yourself. Get that protective instink going. I have said before I have heard of some that have a remission and have not relapssed. I also know of many who don't and some get really bad and are on disability. There is a post some where if not deleted. That gave info. on how to get free or reduced cost meds. I posted before that most doctors know their namesand programs since they sign the request and script. Take good care all, Kim P.S rRead the posts from the first to last take notes or print out. There is some great info. and sites people have posted. Keep searching.Thismessage has been edited by moderator1 (edited 02-24-2001).]

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