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Re: 4 yr old pooping and peeing in bedroom????

If he was using the toilet before, and this is a new behavior, then it sounds like a control issue or power struggle to me.

My 5 year old went through a similar phase when he was 4 (not quite as bad though.) He would pee in his pants or his bed when he had been in trouble for something. And a few times, he pooped in his pants when I told him he couldn't do something that he wanted to do. It was absolutely infuriating. I started to pay attention to what was going on when these things would occur, and realized that I was being too controlling with him.

I think age 4 is when kids are naturally starting to assert some independence, and it can be hard to let them do what they want. So I found some areas that I could let him make his own choices, by giving him options that he could choose from. For example, instead of just giving him what I wanted him to eat for breakfast, I would let him choose between 2 things that I wouldn't mind if he ate. I would give him choices so he felt that he was making the decisions, but I was giving him "mom-approved" options, not just letting him have free-reign.