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Re: 4 yr old pooping and peeing in bedroom????

I have struggle with my 4 year old with toilet training. She is going to daycare and according to provider she is fine there. I suggest you to take it gradually. Our still have big kid pants at night and when we go places. I promised her a toy if she pee in the toilet, she started doing it. I promised her toy if she poo in the toilet, she did that. Next landmark - no wet diapers whatsoever. I took her to toys r us and buy toy of her choice. She told everybody in the cashier line that momy buying her toy 'cause she pi in the potty. I also told her that pull-ups cost a lot of money and I can buy her lot of toys in this nice store instead of buying diapers.
If your kid goes to daycare you should work with provider on it. Our provider gave her time-out if she didn't use potty. First start with potty not toilet.
Our pediatritian just told us that she is having power struggle and when she learn she learn. May be we have a bad one.