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pain pump or spine nerve block stimulator????????????

hello again

im 29 years old and was in the best shape of my life at 27, i ran track played sports and never had any type of health issues. unfortunetly i picked up smoking when i was 18 but i still could run the mile in under 5 minutes with a smoke haggin out my mouth.... its a nasty habitt but im just tryin to prove a point.. im now 29 and i feel like i am 100 years old i can do what i did its real depressing. well heres my question my spine is getting worse and i dont want anymore surgery, i mean when does it stop, is my whole spine gonna be fussed.????
im glad i did the first fusion as i am in less pain but non the less i am still in pain without my meds..

i have been wondering if anyone knows anything about the internal pain pumps or the internal stimulator that blocks the pain..

i wake up in severe pain everyday. and some days its worse and i find myself taking one extra pill and then if i fall short on my meds i have to deal with the severe pain. i actually have hid on the job to laydown do to the pain and uncomfortness without meds. with meds its dealable but sometimes severe depending...

i cant do this anymore im at the end of my rope it is very frustrating. ive tried to look up these pumps and stimulators and the people who i saw on the videos say they wake up pain free and live a active healthy life...
i have 3 young children that dont get alot of attention from me all the time due to me feeling like crap and i hate that it beets me up.... I WANT MY LIFE BACK NO MORE PAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.... am i a candidate???????????????????? any info on this would be greatly appreciated...

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