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Re: Question about when someone actually dies....

Dear Squelchie,

First I would like to say that I am sorry for what you're going through. It's very hard to lose people you love so dearly. Although I haven't witnessed anyones last breathe I have had a few close family members pass. My mother and father were their for my grandpa when he took his last breathe. He suffered from Lung cancer, so unfortunetly it wasn't a painless death. My mom said that when he finally let go, everything just felt calm and quiet, kind of a sigh of releaf came over her she said. She told me when she watched him suffer for so long and finally watched it all go away it was peaceful. She said it's a hard thing to explain to someone but the feeling of knowing they aren't suffering or struggling to stay alive anymore, can be very peaceful.
I was torn apart when my grandpa passed. I had spent everyday with him up until I was 17(that was the year he passed, 9/19/01). It was very hard and is still very hard for me to get over him not being there anymore. It's hard to go through High School graduation and then for him to not be there or for him to not be there for my wedding.
I was a Paulbarrer (sp ?) for his funeral and at the burial there was a 21 gun salute (my father and his 2 brothers we're part of this all ex-military). My father saved both of us girls (my sis and I) a bullet shell that he had shot off. I keep it with me everyday and it helps me get through the tough times. I feel like part of him will always be with me.
If you have something from your mother have it turned into a necklace. bracelet or a keychain for memories and good luck. It has helped me out big time during crisises.
The other thing that helps me is to remember that they are watching out for you.

I wish you Good Luck
It's been swell, but the swelling's gone down.

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