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Question Worried- Blood When Wiping

For the past month I have noticed blood when I wipe. Not a large amount but not a small amount either. After I wipe, all the blood is gone and my stool is not bloody at all.

I am worried because of hemmroids. However, I think I am bleeding because of the fact that my stool is too large for me to pass. As a result, it hurts pretty bad when I go to the bathroom. Since the blood always results after this, I am assuming that my enlarged stool is irritating my skin and cutting it which produces the blood. I think its my stool because on the occasion when I dont have large stool, I dont have any blood.

Now I know nothing about hemmoroids, I am not sure if its a normal thing for a 21 year old. I am also not constipated- I go immediately when my body signals start. So its not like I am causing my stool to build up and make it too large to pass.

I really think its just my enlarged stool causing this. I have no other pains at all, only when going to the bathroom. I also probably do a little too good of a job wiping and cause irritation down there. Before this enlarged stool problem occurred, I had a little blood occasionally because of this- I would wipe too much.

Now if it is just my stool, what can I do to make it pass better? Can I take any pills for this? Im assuming my diet has something to do with it. I dont have the best diet but its not bad either. Arent Bananas good for this? I would rather eat something that doesnt go bad though.


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