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Re: My Suggestions For Anxiety, Panic and Obsessive Thoughts

Thank you so much for replying, you have given me hope and I really
appreciate it and so will many others on this board if they are fortunate
enough to get to this thread. Glad I caught you before you left again as I
was looking forward to your reponse.
I've been seeing a psychologist for the anxiety and it helps, but I do all the
talking and don't really feel he helps me a great deal. Although he has
mentioned several times (just as you have) that it's not the actual event that
causes the anxiety, but my reaction. I guess what I don't understand is
the "not reacting" to the thoughts that give me that "scared, worried"
feeling. You gave the flat tire example. I would be one that would not
react to that, would just have it changed and so be it. My problem seems
to be more of health problems. The anx started when I was
sick for 2 yrs w/ stomach probs, lost a lot of wt. and had a fear that I would
never get better. To make a long story short, that has resolved after seeing
four gastros. However I was left with the anx. Now every time I don't feel
well, my thoughts just go to "what if" I don't get better. Who is going to
take care of my family. Another is if my father (89) gets sick, am I going to be able to handle this with my anxiety problem. I worry if I get sick that I don't want to be a burden to my family, I want to
be the one to help them as I always have, but w/ the anx, I just don't feel strong and confident that
I can and get concerned that I won't be able to be of help to them if I am
not well. The anx keeps me from doing what I want to do and then that is
where I get the frustration, anger etc. Now I know what you are saying is
that this is the reaction that is causing the anxiety right??
I'm familiar with the formal meditation and that is what I have just started
to do eventhough the psychologist has asked me to do this several times.
After hearing your success story, I feel I can give this a better try. I'm not
sure I thoroughly understand the mindfulness. Do you mean in every day
situations when a worrisome thought comes in or find myself beginning to
dwell, just dismiss it??

I just don't seem to be able to handle things like I did. Lost my confidence
and toughness since I have the anxiety. But, reading your post tells me that
if I do meditation and mindfulness, I can get my body out of this "overly
alert" state and will be able to handle things again.

Thanks again Steve, you really seem to have the handle on this. You should
be a psychologist! I find your explanation much better the pshychologist!
Many yrs ago I had panic attacks and was lucky enough to find a psychologist
who had suffered from this himself as a young man and that was the reason
he became a psychologist. He was very, very good because he knew exactly
how you felt. Unfortunately he only works with hardened criminals now or
I would be seeing him!!

Take care and thanks again.

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