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Re: My Suggestions For Anxiety, Panic and Obsessive Thoughts

Dear SteveGn
What a fantastic post your first post on this thread is - I actually printed it out and carry it around with me. Although I am not into meditation and CBT etc. and never have been, my anxiety issues caused me to have counselling for seven years. That did help a huge deal, but of course when you finish, you are on your own. Ever since then, I was over-analysing everything - but since reading your post, I carry around in my head the words JUST BE, and it really helps. I have also felt a whole lot better since taking on board the concept of rather than desperately trying to put the whole big anxiety problem behind me and trying to make it "something that happened in my past", something at which I have never succeeded because it is still a problem in the present, but instead, I tried turning my thoughts around and saying, "hey, I guess I may never be 'cured' " (which used to be my complete and total aim), to now saying "well, I may not ever be cured, but at least I can manage this condition". And do you know, I feel a whole lot better for thinking that.
Many thanks again.