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ACDF surgery yesterdy (C6/7)

I had surgery yesterday afternoon. I'm only having moderate pain. Mostly a soar throat which makes it difficult to eat. I was discharged early this morning due to blizzard warnings in our area. I didn't want to be stranded in a hotel all weekend. The ride home was a bit scary due to snow and ice.

I am to wear a soft collar at all times except when I sleep and shower. Doc said that I should plan on wearing it for three weeks. I was given meds for pain and muscle spasms. I currently do not have any spasms. Is that something that is in store for me? Should I take the medication even if I don't currently have them? Also, I've read alot of posts on this board that state that we should not take ibuprofen, however, I was given a prescription to take it three times per day.

I was pretty much pain-free before sugery. My symptoms were mostly pressure and weakness in the left arm and nubness in the fingers. I can already tell a difference there.

I also have a herniated disc at c5/6 but it was recommended that I only fuse the area that was causing the symptoms. She did state that there was a good chance that this area would require something in the future since more stress will be applied to that level now.

This forum has provided such insight into this procedure, and I was thankful to read all of your posts prior to having surgery. I felt like I knew what to expect. Thanks to you all for sharing your stories.

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