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Need some advice

I have a 14 year old sister and an almost 11 year old brother. My mom works nights - when shes sleeping, the kids are in school and when shes at work, the kids are sleeping. She only sees them on the weekends. My little brother lives at grandmas house and my little sister is really busy with school and church and sports. When my mom isn't at work shes either reading or on the computer. She hasn't had her whole house clean in probably 5 years, when I moved out. Every weekend she is out at her boyfriends house. My sister spends every other weekend at dads. My brother got a note sent home saying he isn't turning in his work. When he doesnt get his homework turned in he's supposed to get a paper signed by an adult. He's at the point that he may end up repeating fifth grade.
I really feel that they would both be better off not living where they are. My mom is really self centered and only does things if they will benefit her it seems. My parents have been separated for 11 years. Dad would like my sister to go live with him but for some reason she doesn't want to. My brother doesn't get along with dad so that isn't an option for him. I'm willing to bring them out to live with me but I don't know how to approach mom. I realize that the best thing for them is not to be in the situation they are in. It's so bad at her house that if child services were called, they would both be taken away. I talked to my sister today and she says shes happy where she is but I don't see how that can be. I wonder if she is afraid of upsetting mom or if maybe she really just doesnt care.
I guess I just don't know what to do. Or how to approach mom with my concerns. Any advice is appreciated.

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