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Re: ACDF surgery yesterdy (C6/7)

My doctor is a neurosurgeon. I assume the ibuprofen is for inflammation. If I don't take it, is there something else I can substitue for it? I was really expecting to feel much worse today than I feel. I am taking hydrocordone for pain and something else for spasms. I figure I may as well take the spasm meds just in case. My post-op appointment is set up for the end of March. I'm hoping to be released to go back to work then. I've been off since the 7th of February. I have a desk job, so I wouldn't think it would be an issue to be released at the time.

I am concerned about the c5/6 level herniation and having to go through this again soon. I also have some spurring at that level. However, I've had two doctors tell me that if it isn't causing any problems, we should leave it alone. Their opinion is to only fuse if absolutely necessary.

I actually got a look at the incision today after my shower. Not real attractive, but I'm hoping over time it will heal up nicely.