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Traction as conservative therapy

Hey all. I've started a new round of PT with a cervical spine therapy specialist who is using McKenzie exercises to help try to combat my disc protrusion problems coupled with what they are now calling severe spinal canal stenosis as well. (My MRI called it "moderate" but doc and PT both say severe. In fact, PT says "severe severe", lol).

The PT today put me on the traction machine for treatment. The stretching felt really good while we were doing it this morning. The problem? After returning to work for a couple hours this afternoon and a 45 min easy walk on the treadmill in early evening, I have started hurting really bad all evening long tonight. It hurts enough I haven't been able to do anything tonight but lay on a heating pad on the couch.

I'm sure you all have tried traction therapy prior to your various surgeries and fusions. When you were doing conservative treatment, did traction hurt you at all? I like to think I have a high pain tolerance, but I am really stiff, sore and hurting now, more than I ever had with any other treatments. It also seems to have given me a killer headache, and I rarely have headaches. Thoughts for a miserable Moonchaser about your traction experience? Is this normal and I need to get use to it until I start getting better?

Thanks, Kim aka Moonchaser

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