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Re: ACDF surgery yesterdy (C6/7)

I think you are doing really well! There was no way I was doing computer work the day I came home.

I've had two ACDFs - for me day 2 & 3 were worse than the first day home, but not terrible - then it was steady improvement from then on. I took the pain meds for the first 3 or 4 days whether I thought I needed them or not, since the hospital staff told me it was easier to keep the pain at bay, then to let it get severe and then try to get it back down to reasonable levels. You will know when it's OK to taper off and start, so it's OK to give yourself some time.

My neurosurgeon had the same adivce about only doing the levels that were causing symptoms, even though I had 4 levels that didn't look so good. He did two the 1st operation, and another level a year later - but statistically it is not likely to need another so soon after the first. There seems to be a consensus about higher risk of having problems with adjacent discs after getting a fusion, but I don't know that there is a much better alternative. We are all learning to deal with a new 'normal', and many people here have good advice about exercise, diet, and the role of a positive mental attitude in dealing with this kind of problem.

But you are on the other side of your surgery, and have high expectations for continued improvement - and that is something to be happy about!