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I am actually trying the Paula's Choice 1% and 2% BHA lotions. I notice my face is at it's worst when it feels congested. I noticed that I develop lots of blackheads on my nose and chin, and then I break out real bad all over my face. I was using Brevoxyl cleanser which contains 4% BP, but that wasn't really doing much.

So 2 weeks ago I started to use Neutrogena's Clear Pore Treatment (2% salicylic acid) at night, and ordered the Paula's Choice products after reading how much people LOVED these.

My face is already starting to LOOK better, even though I am still breaking out a bit (to be expected). I don't have all the blackheads on the crease of my nose, and my face seems to be 'purging'. I keep picking out hard cores that would have most likely turned to inflamed acne if I hadn't started to do something.

Anyone know how long I can expect to see continuous results from using Paula's BHA lotions? My plan is to use them in the evenings while I sleep, since I hate having stuff on my face during the day.

Also, my face was tolerating the 2% Neutrogena product just fine, so should I use the 1 or 2% Paula's Choice product? I am guessing PC's product is more in the right Ph range for effectiveness, so the 1% might work just as well?