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Re: ACDF surgery yesterdy (C6/7)

Your husband has the right idea! Rest and take is easy on yourself.

I had a soft collar, too, with instructions of "wear it if you feel like it". I did wear it quite a bit at the beginning, though I think more for psychological comfort than for anything else.

If you're already sleeping laying down, you'll be the envy of about 90% of the ACDF patients here. That's one of the most difficult things early on. When moving to sitting position, trying cradling the base of your skull in your hands (like doing a crunch) with your elbows bent up next to your head. It's a little tough on the stomach muscles, but you won't feel like your head is going to fall off!

I listened to several audio books during my recovery. Love to read, but it was difficult to find a comfortable position, especially for longer periods of time. I didn't really think I'd 'get into' the audio books, but I ended up enjoying them quite a bit.

I cannot imagine why your surgeon is advising you to take ibuprofen, unless it's very short-term. Popular opinion is that it inhibits bone fusion.

Glad you're doing so well!

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